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The Zodiac Review was launched in 2011 by writers/editors Daniel VanTassel and Brian Wright to provide a quality magazine for new, emerging and established writers of “literary/genre" fiction, the merger of literary fiction and any genre that cares to join it. You may know this blend of writing as "slipstream," "hybrid," or "genre-bending" fiction.


Among the many themes and sub-themes you may find in stories here are fate vs. free will, cosmic irony, and some of the many fascinating ways in which humanity and human relationships are understood by the characters who populate the stories.  


A unique quarterly literary magazine with free, meaningful feedback

Here new and emerging writers will find a studio of sorts as well as an especially receptive venue for publication. Editors provide free, meaningful feedback for submissions by way of personalized comments.


Our track record to date (Fall 2011 through Winter 2022-23 issues)
  • 20 issues published
  • About 1,940 submissions received

  • Number of stories published: 242, for an acceptance rate of about 12%

  • Average response time: about 5 days

  • Estimated rate of personalized responses: 99%

  • Estimated rate of submittters' correct use of our submission guidelines: 25%!  And yet we persist...



Publisher & Managing Editor: 

Daniel VanTassel – B.A., Middlebury College; M.Ed., Syracuse University


Connie Arkus – B.A., Marquette University

Michael Kalb - B.A., Northern Illinois University


Guest Reviewers (& contest Judges when we have contests):

Chet Meyer – B.A., Middlebury College; M.S., C.W. Post College

Amy VanTassel – B.A., Mt. Holyoke College; M.Ed., Harvard University

Site Design & Administration:

David Cassara – A.A., Elgin Community College




Contact any of us at any time by sending an email to,

and entering "For (staff member name)" in the subject line. 


We will be glad to hear from you, and will welcome any question, concern, suggestion...

or praise!  Please send an email regarding any of those issues to, and enter "Comment" in the subject line. 

In most cases, someone will respond within 48 hours.   

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