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 WINTER 2021


Flash Fiction


Dead Folks by William Alton

The Hockey Puck by Jim Bates

The Phone by Richard Bland

o  I Can See My End by David Farran

Stardust Melody by Richard Risemberg

o  Pig by Jane Snyder

Crazy by Don Tassone

o  Presence by Don Tassone

The Flights of Psyche by Mary Tharin

o  Sudden Disaster in the Hotdog Line by Mason Yates

Prose Poetry


o  Baja Baptists by John Dorroh

o  Turn of Events by Francis Fernandez


Fall 2020 Issue

    Flash Fiction

Aliens by James Bates

The Story Therapist by Peter Anthony Murphy

Alone by Don Tassone

Crazy Happy by Tavi Black

Cogs and Gears by Laura Engler

Mother by Rachel Oblak

Wedding Prep or, The Funhouse by Nina Sharzov-Zabrun

Go to Hell by Charles Rammelkamp

o  Patron Saints  by Alexander Joseph

o  Iris by Martin Dodd


       Prose Poetry

Late Hour by John McKernan

GK by John McKernan

Never Undertaken by Nigel Ford




 Summer 2020 Issue 


                o  The End of the World As We Knew It, by David Adès

                o  Emil's Magic, by Jim Bates

                o  Bruiser, by Robert Boucheron

                o  Happy Memories, by John Dennis Clayton

                o  It Was 1951, by Chella Courington

                o  A Special Place In Hell, by Craig Grafton

                o  Waiting Room, by Anita Haas

                o  Two Childhood Friends, by Michael Hogan

                o  Hey Bear, by Kathryn Holzman

                o  Creation: A Flash Epic, by Fred D. White


Spring 2020 Issue


What I Live For, by Robert Boucheron

Shooting At Diamonds, by Rebecca Clay Haynes

Dewey Lake, by Doug Johnson

A Snifter of Absynthe, by Stephen V. Ramey

My Maintenance Man, by Carol Sanford

Walking Papers, by Daniel VanTassel

Crane Collapses, No Fatalities, by Gabriel Schenk                                                            o  God's Dog, by Gale Tanner

The Keening of the Ccthull, by David Adès

Aunt Gwen Sneaks, by Kenneth Pobo


Fall 2017



The Final Watch, by Jonathan Ferrini   

The Business of Fellow Travelers, by Paul Handley

Mitch, by Charles Hayes

Oddities, by Peter Hurtgen Jr.

Feedback, by Vincent Mannings

Medusa, by Lara Saunders

Crane Collapses, No Fatalities, by Gabriel Schenk

2012, by Siphokazi Vuso


Not Goodbye, by Abigail George   

A Club, by Lawrence Syldan



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Summer 2017

Summer/Fall 2016

Winter/Spring 2016

Summer/Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Winter 2014

Fall 2014

Spring 2013

Fall 2012

Summer 2012

Spring 2012

Fall 2011


Ten Items Or Less, by Don Dewey   

Coal Tipple, by Charles Hayes

The King, by Charles Hayes

Purple, by Emily Larkin

Locker Room Banter, by Charles Rammelkamp

The Change, by Jeffrey Winter

I Love My Wife, by Anna Downes   

My Only One, by Betty Krasnik

Mektig, by Olivia Lowenberg

The Knowing of Which Way to Turn, by Michael Smith

Faux-Gilt, by Keith Vaughn

The Rockabilly Sin, by Amber Wilson


The Game, by Norman Belanger   

What I Live For, by Robert Boucheron - 2016 Pushcart Prize Nominee

Review Of An Inmate's Letter, by Craig Grafton

How Did I Ever Wind Up Here, by Charles Hayes

Where I Will Not Go, by Charles Hayes

Number's Up, by Michael C. Keith

The Party's Already Over, by Len Kuntz

Conference, by Bill Vernon - 2016 Pushcart Prize Nominee

All the Comforts, by Alex Bernstein   

The Sad Lament of a Cabbage, by Ray Clift    

Secondhand, by Tim DeLizza

Poverty, by Charles Hayes - Editors' Choice

Sparklies, by Simon Hole

Coyotes, by Kathryn Holzman

The Amber Light, by Emily Larkin

The Asterisk, by Charles Rammelkamp

Jesse's Mute Violin, by Rebecca Shepard

The Magic Hour, by Missy Stacho - Editors' Choice  

Rental Units, by Alina Stefanescu

About the Author, by Jeremy Townley

Orion, by Charles Hayes

Duct Tape Fixes Everything, by Richard Manly Heiman

Fate is a Duck, by Christopher "Irish Goat" Knodel



Promise?, by John Biesecker

Nutland, by Craig Grafton

Curtain Call, by Anita Haas

The Looking Glass, by Anita Haas

Man in a Café in Arles, by John Hanson

Red, by Ala

Unplugged, by Don Tassone

Conference, by Bill Vernon - Editors' Choice!



Götterdämmerung, by Ed Ahern

enough to feel easy, by Robert Paul Cesaretti

If U Can't See Me, by Yuan Changming

The Street Sweeper, by Charles Hayes

Prey, by Kristin MacKenzie

cold caller, by Rob Walker

Hospice, by Julia Wang

>>Spring 2015 Issue (March 2015)


Flash Fiction


  • The Search for a Silent Star,  by Russ Bickerstaff


  • Tender Things, by Joe Cavano


  • What Happened When the Rodeo Was in Town, by AJ Kirby


  • I Am A Picker, by Jo Macek


  • Disrespect, by Charles Rammelkamp......Editors' Choice


  • Lego House, by Vani Rao


  • Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands, by Phil Temples


  • The Man on the Train, by Andy Tu


Prose Poetry


  • What We Notice, by Gil Hoy


  • In The Belly of the Boat, by Angel La Canfora


  • Hallelujah, by Vani Rao......Editors' Choice


  • All Too Human, by Lawrence Syldan



>> Fall 2014 Issue   (October 2014)


Flash Fiction


  • The Keening of the CCthull,  by David Adès


  • Being There,  by Chella Coutington


  • The Place Where the Chiefs Meet,  by Frank Diamond


  • Levin & Kitty, c. 2014, by Lara Dolphin


  • Forty Years on Earth,  by Mexico Michaels


  • The Window Where the Trains Came In,  by Janet Irvin


  • Dewey Lake, by Doug Johnson.......Editors' Choice  & Pushcart Prize nominee

            (Originally published in our Summer 2012 issue.)


  • The Kiss,  by Nashae Jones.............Editors' Choice & Pushcart Prize nominee


  • The Basketweaver,  by Mark McKee


  • A Story About Whales,  by Jef Otte


  • Stray Cat,  by Charles Rammelkamp............Editors' Choice  (See Charles' They All Lived Happily Ever After, Spring 2013 issue) 


  • The Story of Losing,  by Sasha Sanchez


  • Belson, Keelie and The Moon,  by Daniel VanTassel


  • Full Circle, by Chris Wilkensen


Prose Poetry


  • Eight Micro Musings from Marc Carver


        > TALES OF MEN PART 1

        > LOVE AND HATE

        > SCALES

        > SPILT MILK

        > BORN LUCKY

        > MC FUNNY

        > ASBO'TASTIC


  • Secret Admirer,  by Anton Frost


  • Fetch,  by Jeffrey Winter................Editors' Choice   



                                                    >>Winter 2014 Issue   (February 2014)


Flash Fiction


  • Mike Keith, The Window on His World

  • Adam Padgett, The Politician

  • DJ Swykert, The Age of Faeries

  • Gale Tanner, God's Dog...............*Editors' Choice*  (See Gale's "How Mac Got Promoted"              

             in our Winter 2012 Issue.)

  • Phil Temples, At Peace

  • John Matthew Whalen, Greatest Apes, Part 1

  • Laura Wooffitt, Marriage Prospects..............*Editors' Choice*  (See Laura's "Hosea"

               in our Spring 2013 Issue.)


Prose Poetry


  • Marc Carver, The Test.............*Editors' Choice*

  • Will Dixon, Feathers                                  

  • Craig Fishbane, Another Mirror

  • Kim Peter Kovac, The Racer's Edge

  • Lucinda Olmstead, Lust

  • Gerry Sarnat, Freerange



>>Spring 2013 Issue  (April 2013)

Flash Fiction>>

  • Carly Berg, Beanstalk Revised

  • Eric Blix, Going Home Via The Internal Combustion Engine

  • Henry Brown, Flood Victims – Man and Boy

  • Robin Wyatt Dunn, Last Friday

  • Joe Giordano, The End of the Italian Bread

  • Kevin Hall, In From the Rain.....................*Editors’ Choice*

  • Joe Kilgore, The Rangoon Eye

  • Stephen Koster, Forgetting the Real Paris 

  • Stephen V. Ramey, A Snifter of Absinthe.................*Editors’ Choice*

  • Charles Rammelkamp, And They All Lived Happily Ever After.......*Editors' Choice*

  • Rob Schultz, Shopper's Pardise

  • Phil Temples, Purpose

  • Laura Woofitt, Hosea


Prose Poetry>>

  • Will Dixon, A Course...............*Editors' Choice*                                     

  • Alan Reed, Patches of Green

  • Olvard Smith, Doom

>>Fall 2012 Issue   (October 2012)

Flash Fiction:     

  • Past Matters, by E.A. Aymar

  • What I Live For, by Robert Boucheron.........*Editors' Choice*

  • Regarding the Privies, by PJ Cox

  • The Hole, by Tricia Fields

  • On Frying Fish, by George Masters

  • The Transit, by Banks Miller

  • Ship Sails On, by Valery Petrovskiy


Short Stories:    

  • Somewhere There's a Pony, by Bernie Hafeli

  • How Many Raccoons is a Cat Worth?, by Doug Johnson.......*Ed. Choice*

  • Unfortunate Luck, by Lasher Lane

  • Counting Cars, by Joplin Rice

  • The Awakening, by Hollis Whitlock


Prose Poetry:

  • Cuba, by Jean-Paul Ferro

  • On the Proper Role of Desire, by Craig Fishbane.......*Editors' Choice*



>>Summer 2012 Issue   (July 2012)

Flash Fiction:

  • The Last One, by Randall Brown

  • Silversides, by Patrick Forgette........*Editors' Choice*

  • Hallsville, by Derek Frazier

  • Blame it on the Jeans, by Megan Gregor

  • My Maintenance Man, by Carol Sanford

  • One's Own Life, by John Williams


Short Stories:

  • Home Fires Burning, by Edward Ahern

  • Morrow, by Chris Deal

  • Forever, by Bobby Fox

  • Dewey Lake, by Doug Johnson..................*Editors' Choice*

  • The Last Few Pages, by Howard Moseley-Chalk

  • Three People Dancing, by Peter Volpe


Prose Poetry:

  • Conversations with Zip, by Will Dixon...........*Editors' Choice* 



                            >>Spring 2012 Issue   (April 2012)

Flash Fiction:

  • Context Driven, by David Atkinson

  • Elegy, by Anne Marie DeVito

  • His Father's Legacy, by John Dougherty

  • Flannel Shirt, by Kristina Estebo

  • Unformed, by Phil Temples


Short Stories:

  • The Perfect Switch, by James Carpenter

  • Chief, by Donald Dewey

  • The Man Who Prepared Himself for Death, by Allen Kopp

  • Fu Manchu, Foo Man Choo, Man Chew Food, by Gregg Sapp.......*Editors' Choice*

  • The End of Spring, by Michael Schrimper

  • Dance of the Standup Man, by Janet Slike


 Prose Poetry:

  • Marie Curie & Arthur Rimbaud: An Imagined Marriage, by Marissa Cohen

  • Exercises in Eloquence, by V. Moriarty............*Editors' Choice*



>>Winter 2012 Issue   (January 2012)


Flash Fiction:

  • Fast Track, by Patrick Forgette

  • Shooting at Diamonds, by Rebecca Clay Haynes.......*Editor' Choice*

  • Dorothy, by Julie Morgan King

  • Flat Iron Blues, by Arthur McMaster

  • Aunt Gwen Sneaks, by Kenneth Pobo


Short Stories:

  • Calmato, by Donald Dewey

  • The Devil’s Cup, by E.G. Fulton..............*A belated Editors' Choice*

  • Feast on Flies, by Heidi Kraay

  • Red Tiger Walk, by George Eyre Master

  • Arachnids, by Michael Onofrey

  • How Mac Got Promoted, by Gale Tanner.........*Editors' Choice*


Prose Poetry:

  • The Man Who Harvests Redeemable Cans, by William Doreski

  • On Not Being Able to Dance, by Milton P. Ehrlich, Ph.D.

  • Karner Blue Butterfly, by Jamie Taylor



                          >>Fall 2011 Issue   (October 2011)

                                      (Inaugural Issue)

Flash Fiction:

          o  Walking Papers, by Daniel VanTassel

          o  Relations, by V. Moriarty


Short Stories:

          o  A Father’s Sins, by Brian Wright

          o  Bonds, by Pierre Bourdin

          o  The Man Who Was Looking Down, by Daniel VanTassel


Prose Poetry:

          o  Pentamentality, by Chet Meyer

          o  Quieting the Crickets, by Shelly Sumner